By Daniel Chairez Jr. | October 13, 2023

I need some silence to cope with the madness, a peace of mind I don’t know how much longer I
can stand this, I don’t know why but I feel like crying, the voices in my head are constantly
telling me everyone I love is dying, I’m not lying, should I tell my psyche, or keep it under guise,
why haven’t I broken down, I did once or twice, but I continue to strive and continue to rise, with
weariness and tears welled in my eyes, sometimes I feel that I need to cry, I’ve learned that
crying helps to stimulate neurotransmitters, that nourish and replenish the mind, tears of joy
tears of pain, would the effect be the same, philosophies of the deranged, theories from the
insane, but all the while helps to maintain the mainframe, ellipsis and rings, soothing sounds,
dissipating bundled and crunched neurons, that were aimlessly crashing against one another, in
a state of confusion, searching for some type of diffusion.