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Student Spotlight: Quincy Paige on Friendship

By Quincy Paige | June 15, 2021

As part of Mount Tamalpais College’s summer 2021 fundraising campaign we are highlighting the bonds of support that exist within the incarcerated community at San Quentin, and the many ways that people care for each other, and lift each other up. We are proud to share some student reflections on people in their lives that have helped them through this last year.

“Changed my life” is an understatement.  This man, Jesse Ayers, has given me a purpose. I have never had anyone (who was not my family) speak so highly about, and to me. Jesse keeps me honest, not just with others but most importantly, to myself. He is a true friend (if I’ve ever known one). We share a lot of common interests, and with him, I never feel like crabs in a barrel; always pulling each other down.

We tend to push one another further and give constructive criticism when needed. We help each other in areas we lack, for example, he says I’m a brilliant musical artist that can write any genre. Jesse is a talented writer, so I teach him how to sing and rap the lyrics he writes and in return he reads, listens, and nine times out of ten edits what I write. It shocked him when I gave him this to edit.

Jesse has given me many platforms to write and has pushed me to speak my truth. Thanks to his constant encouragement and connecting me with outside platforms such as The Beat Within with Chief Editor Dave Inocencio, I have a published paper! Jesse doesn’t just cater to the good moments… he’s also a wonderful ear in the bad moments as well. He always inspires me to write, sing, rap, act, dance, even when sometimes I feel it’s silly. I hope I can be half as much as he’s been for me.

In here, prison I mean, a lot of people claim they will be the next best thing to hit the market but I can truly say that Jesse will be. He is an amazing comedian, wonderful writer, and an actor to be watched. The thing I love about being around him is that he’s always uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring to anyone he comes in contact with. He has key components to become a mega Superstar.

In conclusion, Jesse Ayers has been a driving force to not only keep myself out of prison but a force to push me to become something better; not only for myself but for the world around me. I pray blessings and great success on his life.

God bless you all.