Danny Ho and Bonaru


Mount Tamalpais College is committed to supporting student’s academic and professional development, as well as their capacity to assume leadership roles in their communities after release. See below for additional resources for success after leaving prison.



If you are a former student of Mount Tamalpais College (formerly the Prison University Project) and are looking for additional resources or assistance to continue your education, please contact our Alumni Affairs Associate, Corey McNeil, at cmcneil@mttamcollege.edu or at 415.455.8088 ex. 7020.


Former Mount Tamalpais College students have continued their education and built careers in diverse fields. Many are spearheading advocacy, public education, and reentry efforts across the country, and are committed to a life of service upon paroling. As leaders in their communities, our alumni are often strong advocates for those still inside.

Nghiep 'Ke' Lam

Education is an essential part of who I am and the legacy I want to leave behind. Every day is a learning experience. My passions are mechanical problem-solving, or sharing my experience to help someone else with their project.”

Kenyatta Leal

When talking about adversities, nothing compares to personal characteristics. The more I learned about myself, the better equipped I am to manage those unrecognized behaviors that come with it. Since I removed all self-destructive personalities, I can easily spot flaws in others, which better prepares me to help them and myself.”

Danny Plunkett

I am determined to be a part of the solutions to the problems facing humanity.”

Eddie Herena

What I cherish the most is the enlightenment that I've received through education and programs that allowed me to be a better person in my relationships with others.”

Other Side of the Wall

Other Side of the Wall is a short documentary portraiture series by filmmaker R.J. Lozada on Mount Tamalpais College alumni and their post-incarcerated lives. The film features two Mount Tamalpais College alumni, Corey McNeil and James "JC" Cavitt, on their reentry journey.

As of 2019, 173 students have completed their AA degree with us at San Quentin.
More than 2,500 graduates and former students have returned to the community.
We host 1-5 alumni-focused events annually.