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Mount Tamalpais College is committed to supporting student’s academic and professional development, as well as their capacity to assume leadership roles in their communities after release. See below for additional resources for success after leaving prison.



If you are a former student of Mount Tamalpais College (formerly the Prison University Project) and are looking for additional resources or assistance to continue your education, please contact our Alumni Affairs Associate, Corey McNeil, at cmcneil@mttamcollege.edu or at 415.455.8088 ex. 7020.


Former Mount Tamalpais College students have continued their education and built careers in diverse fields. Many are spearheading advocacy, public education, and reentry efforts across the country, and are committed to a life of service upon paroling. As leaders in their communities, our alumni are often strong advocates for those still inside.

Phil Melendez

High quality education is part of a well-rounded understanding of self and the world. If it were accessible to everyone in prison, then we’d be taking a real step towards equality, democracy, and consideration for each of our citizens.”

Emile DeWeaver

Emile DeWeaver

If I can teach generations to write with the consciousness that their work can heal our world, and they teach generations after them, the legacy continues.”

Emile DeWeaver
Mt. Tam Alumnus, Dmitriy

Dmitriy Orlov

The paper degree is no longer the end result of attaining a higher education. An education is a journey of discovering the world around me and my place in it.”

Mt. Tam Alumnus, Dmitriy

Eddie Herena

A liberal arts education is a window into the beauty, struggle, and cruelty of humanity’s will to endure. Through it, we can strive to be and do better. We can learn what it means to uphold and respect the beliefs of others, no matter how different or contrary they are to our own.”

With This Knowledge

With This Knowledge is a short documentary portraiture series by filmmaker R.J. Lozada on Mount Tamalpais College alumni and their post-incarcerated lives. The film features two Mount Tamalpais College alumni, Sumit Lal and Sajad Shakoor, on their reentry journey.

As of 2019, 173 students have completed their AA degree with us at San Quentin.
More than 2,500 graduates and former students have returned to the community.
We host 10-15 alumni-focused events annually.