Mt. Tam students with study materials

Research and Evaluation

Mount Tamalpais College is committed to rigorous, data-driven evaluation as a means to ensure that our own work is effective, to demonstrate the powerful impacts of higher education in prison, and to support the expansion of thoughtfully designed and effectively implemented programs in prisons across the country which foster opportunities for incarcerated people.

Best Practices Report

Equity and Excellence in Practice: A Guide to Higher Education in Prison was co-authored by Mount Tamalpais College's executive director, Jody Lewen. It offers practical advice for anyone seeking to launch, expand, or improve upon an in-prison higher education program.

Longitudinal Study

In partnership with UC Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy and with funding from The Spencer Foundation, we are participating in a longitudinal study to examine the effects of prison higher education on the lives of incarcerated people, both pre– and post-release.