MTC Alumni, Michael Tyler

Alumni Spotlight: Michael Tyler on Fatherhood

By Michael Tyler | June 16, 2020

During the summer of 2020, we’re celebrating the fathers, grandfathers, and other parental figures in our community. We are proud to share their reflections on what it means to be a parent and how their lives have been enriched by the experience.

I never met my biological father. I did have a stepfather for many years of my youth. I loved him like he was my biological father. He was the one who introduced me to my love of fishing. We fished all the time when I was young. We had bets on who was going to catch the biggest fish, the most fish and the first fish. I was good and can say that I won a lot of those bets.

I aim to be the father that learned from his childhood and is intentional in my son’s life. I want to be that person Kai, my son, can come to with anything. Not because I’m his father, more so because we have that connection and bond. I want to be a father that teaches and shows my son emotions and how to work through them and sit in them. I would like for my son to know that crying and emotions are all about being human. I want to help guide him into anything that he wants to do in life. I want to only introduce him to many different things in life, yet give him space to choose his own path.

My life has changed so much since becoming a father. I have an honor and great responsibility in raising a child. I see the bigger picture more now in life. His life supports me in taking a pause and making the right decision. I often said, “this is my lil dude.” He loves unconditionally and he is my role model.

I just want a world that see the innocence in each other and treats all with love and compassion.