Empowering Incarcerated Students: A Recap of the Pathways from Prison to Campus Workshop

By Mount Tamalpais College | February 25, 2024

In a recent workshop on designing pathways from prison to college, hosted by the Rising Scholars Network and featuring speakers from Mount Tamalpais  College.  The audience, which consisted of higher education professionals from California’s community colleges, gained valuable insights into supporting incarcerated students’ transition to higher education on the street.

Mount Tamalpais College, shared its innovative approaches to student support. Corey McNeil, Alumni Affairs Associate, emphasized the importance of community building and re-entry support through workshops, open mic events, and alumni engagement activities. Dr. Wendy Martinez and Dr. Kirsten Pickering provided expertise on student services and research on alumni outcomes.

Throughout the workshop, the focus remained on humanizing the reintegration process and providing ongoing support to students post-release. 

Participants discussed the significance of evaluating and improving programs and the value of partnerships with community-based organizations like Bonafide Life to address students’ diverse needs.

An interesting topic of discussion was the potential for collaboration with parole officers to provide workshops on reintegration, highlighting the importance of breaking down barriers between academic institutions and correctional agencies.

We hope that participants were inspired by Mount Tamalpais  College’s collaborative and innovative approach to supporting incarcerated students. We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with a dedicated community of individuals who recognize the transformative impact of education in empowering individuals seeking a second chance.

You can watch the full recording of the presentation here