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In-Person Classes to Resume in September

By Mount Tamalpais College | June 3, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that we have been approved to return to in-person classes inside San Quentin in September. During the summer, we will plan and prepare for the fall semester, run extracurricular activities, provide student advising, and rebuild our campus community. We also launched a summer correspondence term on June 1 with 16 courses, alongside college preparatory math and writing. These one-credit, elective courses qualify for Milestones, which allows a student who passes three correspondence courses to have three weeks reduced from his sentence. The courses for our summer term are listed below.

College Preparatory Math

College Preparatory Writing

BIO 180: The COVID mRNA Vaccine: The Product of Decades of Research

ENG 180: What is Poetry?

ENG 180: Building Fiction from True Stories

ENG 180: Wilderness Stories

EST 180: 1 ST: Contemporary Environmental Issues

EST 180: Introduction to Energy Systems

HED 180: Foundations of Global Public Health

HIS 180: 20th Century Social Justice Movements

HIS 180: The 1619 Project: Examining the Debate over Slavery and the Nation’s Founding

HIS 180: Histories and Strategies of Decolonization

MTH 180: Introduction to Trigonometry

MTH 180: Introduction to Geometry

POL 180: Mutual Aid

POL 180: Parties and Polarization Today

PSY 180: Psychologies of Liberation

PSY 180: The Psychology and Literature of Memory

We piloted correspondence courses in Spring 2021 during the extensive lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 200 students took courses on a range of topics, including Climate Change, Poetry In Times of Crisis, and Landmark U.S. Court Cases. Although mail delivery slowdowns created hurdles, feedback from students showed that the pilot was a success. We are looking forward to supporting students and faculty with the summer semester and returning to face-to-face instruction.