2022-2023 Faculty Appreciation Party

By Mount Tamalpais College | May 9, 2023

Mount Tamalpais College’s faculty appreciation party for the 2022-2023 school year was a warm, collegial event that celebrated the dedication of MTC’s community of educators. The room was filled with guests meeting, reconnecting, laughing, and exchanging ideas. Student messages to their instructors were displayed, which described courses as “life-changing” and “humanizing,” while instructors were thanked for being patient, relatable, engaging, and knowledgeable. “You are a model of what education can do for the human soul,” wrote a student. “Thank you for your wisdom, passion, sternness, insight, and stories.”  Another student shared that his class inspired him to want to become a math and science teacher himself. 

Mount Tamalpais College Faculty

Mount Tamalpais College’s all-volunteer faculty are drawn from prestigious colleges and universities around the Bay Area; their energy and dedication to their courses have a tremendous impact. Learn more about teaching at Mount Tamalpais College on our Faculty page.