Four Poems

By Troy Phillips | October 31, 2017

Why We Cry

They wonder why we cry,

But they can’t see the pain in our eyes.

Why, why did it happen?

If you would open your eyes

You would see our cries.

They say that they don’t understand

Why, but if you can’t see this

You don’t cry.

My heart, my eyes, they cry

Why, why, why,

Empathy, sorrow, compassion,

To me this is the same cry.

Open your eyes so that you

Can see all our lives cry.


What Is Pain? What Is Suffering?

The heart of man

Seeing the emptiness within

His soul, the eyes of his child

Love that cannot be reached

The starts in the sky

Far off dreams

This is pain and suffering

Voices in the wind

The destruction from a cold winter day

The touch, the intimacy

The woman, the new born child

Fourteen Long years

Life of the unknown known

This is true pain. This is true suffering.



The stars shine bright but

You cannot reach them

Far off places, dreams hopes

Things that give pause

But you cannot reach them

Mountains in the distance

Thunder in the sky

Things that cannot be touched

Freedom, birds in the air

Smell in the wind

Things that cannot be touched

SPACE              DISTANCE        TIME


Seen A Man Cry

It is a shame to see a man cry

When they see the pain in our mother’s eyes

Why is it so hard to see our child

Trayvon Martin

When you see your own child?

Today lies the lives of broken hearts

Tears of so many broken spirits

Michael Brown


Roots that once grew to be thick

Now are no more than sticks.

Freddie Gray


Where will the truth come from;

The truth that there is still

Abundant racism in this country.

The Black man and the Black woman.

The children that play together

Stay together.

Racism breeds hatred and separation

This is what changes the game.

Andy Lopez


We are all one, isn’t that

what is said?

One for all, and all for one

God created man and woman, God

Did not create race.

Let this be a lesson, each one teach one, see one be one…