University of Wyoming Symposium to Feature Executive Director Jody Lewen

By Mount Tamalpais College | January 22, 2019

The University of Wyoming is hosting a symposium, “Transformative Education in Prison and Beyond,” on March 29 & 30. Jody Lewen, Prison University Project’s Executive Director, will deliver a keynote address with Damon Horowitz,  a philosophy professor and serial entrepreneur working at the intersection of technology and the humanities. 

From the symposium’s website:

“The purpose of this two-day, solution-oriented symposium is to advance the field of education in prison, as well as efforts to support formerly incarcerated people in their transition from incarceration to freedom. The event will consist of various panel discussions, interactive workshops, and keynote addresses by leaders in the field.

The fact that higher education, specifically the humanities, transforms the lives of prison inmates is remarkable — and the transformation is lasting. Quality education supports the development of emotional intelligence as well as academic growth, and prepares people to live successful lives post-release. Using education to improve the lives of the disadvantaged and underserved populations who end up in prison supports social justice. The Symposium will focus on enhancing current programs, strategizing and implementing new programs, and sharing solutions to existing challenges.”

For more details and registration information, visit the University of Wyoming’s site.

Please note that the Prison University Project became Mount Tamalpais College in September 2020.


The FCC will require phone companies serving prisons, jails and detention facilities across the U.S. to provide video communication services for deaf and hard of hearing prisoners.

@cm_thompson3's report includes an ASL interpretation of the news:

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