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Voices from Inside: Full Library

By Mount Tamalpais College | July 17, 2020

At the end of April, the Prison University Project distributed gift bags to all of the nearly 3,900 people incarcerated at San Quentin. Each one was packed in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag, filled with beef jerky, tuna fish, trail mix, a bar of soap, a small pad of paper, envelopes, stamps, pens (or pen fillers, for those in housing units where regular pens are not allowed), and three articles. We also included a letter that explained the package.

We received over 300 letters in response to the effort with a wide range of topics, from purely thank you messages to reports on conditions inside. All of them provide a window into the incarcerated experience during the COVID-19 crisis, and we feel they are important to share broadly. Below you will find a full library of letters from those who have given us permission to publish.

A summary of all our emergency response initiatives is available here.

If you’d like to contribute to these efforts, please visit our fundraising page.

Additional updates from our Executive Director on the COVID-19 crisis at San Quentin are available in the “From the Director” section of our News page.

Please note that the Prison University Project became Mount Tamalpais College in September 2020.

Acevedo, Jr., Luciano

Acosta, Richard

Aldana, Roman

Alison, Watson

Anderson, Danniel

Anderson, Anthony

Anderson, Eric

Anonymous 1

Anonymous 2

Anonymous 3

Anonymous 4

Archibeque, Manuel

Arias, Pedro

Arnold, Brian

Arredonde, Heriberto

Arrowood, John

Asey, Brian

Ashlock, Reginald

Ayers, Jesse

Banks, Christopher 1

Banks, Christoper 2

Barnett, Lee Max

Basnett, Ken

Billingsley, Darwin

Blevins, Marcus

Bolczak, William

Bommerito, Peter

Bonner, William

Brackett, Rick

Briggs, Alex

Brooks, Steve

Brosz, Michael

Brown, Derry

Bustos, Raymond

Calmese, William

Capistrano, Johnny

Capitani, Chad

Carlevato, E.

Cendejas, Ralph

Chang, John

Clark, Royal

Coates, Greg

Coddington, Herbert

Cole, Fred

Coles, George

Collins, Floyd

Colondres, Luke

Colt, Thomas

Combs, Michael

Cooper, Kevin

Corio, Cindy

Crawford, Louis

Davis, Bruce

Davis, Cecil

Davis, Scott

DeHoyos, Richard Lucio

Dickerson, Desmond

DuMarce, Joseph

Dunn, Steven 1

Dunn, Steven 2

Durente, Broderick

Elliot, Rick

Espinosa, Juan

Evans, Adam

Fletcher, Patrick

Flinner, Michael

Ford, Harold

Frankline, Gerald

French, Thomas

Friend, Jack

Gallardo, Gilbert Jess

Galvin, George

Garcia, Randy

Gatner, Steven

Gay, Kenneth

Genest, Brandon

Ghent, David

Gibbs, Randolph

Gilman, Deion

Glaves, Jr., Dexter

Grant, Joshua

Gray, Derrick

Gress, Tyler

Guzman, Alfonso

Hamilton, Alexander Rashad

Harris, Daniel

Harris, Orlando

Harris, Jamario

Harrison, Bryant

Heard, James

Hendersen, Paul

Hendersen, Bernard

Hildreth, Andrew

Hollieday, Brian

Hopkins, Kenny

Horones, Timotay

Howey, Mfeone

Huggins, Michael

Hunter, Robert

J., Jr., Jeffrey

Jack, Ronald

Jackson, Arthur

Jackson, Bailey

Jackson, Dayshawn

Jackson, Vernon 1

Jackson, Vernon 2

Jefferson, Dennis

Jenkins, Michael

Johnson, R. Askari

Johnson, Jesse

Jones, Andrew

Jones, Ant

Jones, Maialben

Jones, Lawrence

Kaser, Robert

Kelly, Elton

Kelly, Philippe

Kennedy, Jerry Nobel

Kermit (C. Leee Ward)

Kerr, Romey 1

Kerr, Romey 2

Kopatz, Kim

L., J. M.

Larkins, Kenneth

League, Solon

Leeton, Shaddeus

Lindberg, Gunner

Liveditis, Steve

Lombera, Carlos

Love, K. I.

Luna, David

Lyons, Brian

Malear, Steven 1

Malear, Steven 2

Mallo, Chris

Manzo, J.

Mario, Meza

Marquez, Samuel

Martinez, Gerardo

Martinez, Julio

Martinez, Robert

McClain, Herbert

McKinnon, Ojore

Medina, Daniel

Mendez, Ronald

Mendoza, Ronald

Mercado, Joseph

Mickey, Douglas Scott

Mills, Jeffrey

Mitchell, Demetrius

Moore, Michael

Moore, Michael

Moore, Christopher

Moore, Robert

Morales, Ari

Morales, Robert

Morgan, Eddie

Murtaza, Iftekhar

Nelson, Bill

O’Connor, Kelton

Osband, Lance

Parker, Randall

Parks, Steven

Partain, Lucas

Pollock, William

Proctor, William

Prosser, Richard

Queen, Jarrod

Quentin, Tonsentico

Reed, Joe

Rengan, Tahj

Rhodes, Ken

Riskin, David

Robinson, Kevin

Rogers, Robert

Ronquello, G.

Rosales-Reyes, Fabian

Ross, Stuart

Ruiz, Angel

Ruiz, Daniel

Sanchez-Fuentes, Edgardo

Sawyer, Kevin

Sevacos, Gino

Simpson, B.

Simpson, Ray

Smith, Larry

Smith, William

Solins, Christopher

Stowkens, Douglas

Sutton, Manni

Tanglor, Aaron

Tate, Gregory

Taylor, Alex

Thomas-Merritt, Rico

Thomas, Correl

Thorpe, Reginald

Urquidi, Raul

Valder, Richard

Vick, James

Virgil, Lester

Ware, Johnny

Welton, Osbun

Wetherell, Richard

Wilcox, Fabian

Williams, Michael

Wood, Daniel

Wooden, Raiveon

Young, Timothy

Young, Tim